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Looking for that perfect cake for your special occasion? Look no further! Luxury Cakes is a professional cake designer and baker with years of experience in the industry. We create edible masterpieces customized to your theme and preferences that look too good to be true and taste even better. From cakes to cupcakes to cake pops, we strive to deliver exceptional goodies for all occasions. Our high volume of returning clients proves that our cakes will leave you wanting for more!

Here at Luxury Cakes, each cake is a piece of artwork of its own. We like to take the time to get to know our clients during our consultations and tastings to ensure we can paint the picture they have in mind in the form of a cake. We welcome new challenges and ideas because we are confident in our ability to make your dream cake into reality! We love being in this industry because we enjoy celebrating people’s special days, which is evident in our final products.

Our policy is that the customer comes first. We have a range of styles and flavors available, but if you have any special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate. Our business stands out with our handmade edible toppers and decor, which lets you enjoy every single bit of the cake. Whether it is for pickup or delivery, your centerpiece for the day will be a replica of your vision.

Check out our gallery for some examples of our past projects. If you are looking to accessorize, we also specialize in cupcakes, cake pops, and much more. Make sure to contact us for all your customized cake needs for any event, let it be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, religious occasions, etc. Our business is based out of Ajax, however, we serve all of Durham region, Toronto, and the GTA.

Let us be your cake specialists for your special day, Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk. Thank you.

What others says

Customer Reviews from Facebook.

    5 star review  She makes really good cakes .... nice designs... i like the princes castle cake she made.. good center piece for my niece birthday....

    Yalini Viththagan Avatar Yalini Viththagan
    January 11, 2014

    5 star review  SHE IS A PERFECTIONIST !!!! AWESOME WORK !!!!!

    Rangan Elias Avatar Rangan Elias
    June 11, 2014

    5 star review  Absolutely amazing cake. Sobi is friendly and accommodating. Thank you so much. My son loved his Avengers themed cake!

    Priscilla Ramdas Avatar Priscilla Ramdas
    February 3, 2015